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These keyboard shortcuts are for OpenOffice on Microsoft Operating Systems and Linux Distributions. For Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts, go here, or simply substitute the Command key(also known as the Apple Key) for the Control key on most shortcuts.

This is Appendix A of the 2.x Writer Guide (Third edition), produced by the OOoAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from the OOoAuthors Guides page at

Shortcut keys: Introduction

You can use (OOo) without requiring a pointing device, such as a mouse or trackball, by using its built-in keyboard shortcuts. Tasks as varied and complex as docking and un-docking toolbars and windows, or changing the size or position of objects can all be accomplished with only a keyboard. Although OOo has its own extensive set of keyboard shortcuts, each component provides others which are specific to its work.

For help with OOo’s keyboard shortcuts, or using OOo with a keyboard only, search the OOo Help using the “shortcut” or “accessibility” keywords.

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