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You can apply many formats to characters using the buttons on the Formatting toolbar. The Formatting toolbar is shown below as a floating toolbar, customized to show only the icons for character formatting.

Tip.png It is highly recommended that you use character styles rather than manually formatting characters. For information on the advantages of styles and how to use them, see Chapter 6 (Introduction to Styles) in the Writer Guide.

The Formating toolbar.
1 Styles and Formatting window   9 Subscript
2 Apply Style 10 Increase Font
3 Font Name 11 Reduce Font
4 Font Size 12 Font Color
5 Bold 13 Highlighting
6 Italic 14 Background Color
7 Underline 15 Character Format dialog
8 Superscript

The Formatting toolbar, showing icons for character formatting.

Tip.png To remove manual formatting, select the text and click Format > Default Formatting or right-click and select Default Formatting from the pop-up menu.

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