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You can associate with a shape or an image some action to be performed when the user clicks on it. To create an interaction:

  1. Select the graphic object for which an interaction will be created.
  2. When the green handles show, select from the Drawing toolbar the Interaction button InteractionIcon.png or right-click on the object and select Interaction from the pop-up menu.
  3. The dialog shown below is displayed. Select the interaction type and the parameters (if applicable). Click OK to close the dialog.

Interaction dialog
Dialog to set the interaction with a graphic object.

To remove an interaction from a graphic object follow the steps above, taking care to select No action as the interaction type at step 3.

The possible actions and their parameters are described in Table 1.

Table 1: Interactions and their parameters

Interaction type Parameters
Go to Previous slide No parameters.
Go to Next slide No parameters.
Go to First slide No parameters.
Go to Last slide No parameters.
Go to Page or Object Specify the target from the list in the Target box. You can search for a specific target in the Document box at the bottom of the screen.
Go to Document Select the document in the Document box. Use the Browse button to open a file picker dialog. If the document to be opened is in Open Document Presentation format, the target list will be populated allowing the selection of the specific target in the document.
Play sound Select the file containing the sound to be played. Use the Browse button to open a file picker dialog.
Run program Select the program to execute. Use the Browse button to locate it.
Run Macro Select a macro that will run during the presentation. Use the Browse button to open the macro browser dialog.
Exit presentation When the mouse is clicked over the graphic object, the presentation will terminate.

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