Formatting lines and shapes

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Use the Format menu to modify lines and shapes.

  1. Click on the shape or line to select it.
  2. Click Format in the menu bar. Some of the options may not be available (grayed out) because of the type of object selected. For example, if the object is a simple line, the Area choice will be unavailable because a line does not have an area to fill.
  3. Select one of the formatting options:
    • Line to set the characteristics of the line, including the border of an area (see Formatting lines).
    • Area to format the fill, or interior, of an object. This includes color, transparency, and pattern (see Formatting areas).
    • Position and Size to move, rotate, and manipulate an object according to specified measurements (see Moving, resizing and rotating a graphic object).
    • Text to format the appearance of the text that can be added to any shape or line (see Formatting text).

Most of these commands are also available for selection in the pop‑up menu that appears by right-clicking on the object.

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