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The horizontal ruler shows both the default tab stops and any that you have defined. To set the measurement unit and the spacing of default tab stops, go to Tools > Options > Writer > General.

You can also set or change the measurement unit by right-clicking on the ruler to open a list of units, as shown below. Click on one of them to change the ruler to that unit.

Ruler showing default tab stops.

Double-click on a part of the ruler that is not between the left and right indent icons to open the Indents & Spacing page of the Paragraph dialog. To fine-tune tab stop settings, double-click anywhere between the left and right indent icons on the ruler itself to open the Tabs page of the Paragraph dialog, where you can fine-tune tab stop settings.

Documentation note.png You can define tab stops as part of a paragraph style, as described in Chapter 7 (Working with Styles) in the Writer Guide.

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