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Each sheet in a spreadsheet is independent of the others though they can be linked with references from one sheet to another. There are three ways to navigate between different sheets in a spreadsheet.

Using the keyboard

Pressing Control+PgDn moves one sheet to the right and pressing Control+PgUp moves one sheet to the left.

Using the mouse

Clicking one of the Sheet Tabs (see Figure 3) at the bottom of the spreadsheet selects that sheet.

If you have a lot of sheets, then some sheet tabs may be hidden behind the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. If this is the case, then the four buttons at the left of the sheet tabs can move the tabs into view. Figure 6 shows how to do this.

Figure 6: Sheet tab arrows.

Notice that the sheets here are not numbered in order. Sheet numbering is arbitrary—you can name a sheet as you wish.

Documentation note.png The sheet tab arrows that appear in Figure 6 only appear if you have some sheet tabs that can not be seen. Otherwise, they will appear faded as in Figure 3.
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