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Location of the Gallery and the objects in it

Graphics and other objects shown in the Gallery can be located anywhere on your computer's hard disk, on a network drive, or on a CD-ROM. Listings in the Gallery refer to the location of each object. When you add graphics to the Gallery, the files are not moved or copied; only the location of each new object is added as a reference.

In a workgroup situation, you may have access to a shared Gallery (where you cannot change the contents unless authorized to do so) and a user Gallery, where you can add, change, or delete objects.

The location of the user Gallery is specified in Tools > Options > > Paths. Typically it is something like \openoffice\user\gallery, although the exact location depends on your operating system. You can change this location, and you can copy your gallery files (*.sdv) to other computers.

Gallery contents provided with OOo are stored in a location like openoffice\share\gallery. You cannot change this location.

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