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OOo provides several ways to quickly and easily send a document as an e-mail attachment in one of three formats: OpenDocument (OOo’s default format), Microsoft Office format, or PDF. The exact choices depend on the OOo component in use.

As an example, to send a Writer document in .ODT (OpenDocument Text) format:

  1. Choose File > Send > Document as E-mail. OOo opens the e-mail program specified in Tools > Options > Internet > E-mail. The document is attached.
  2. In your e-mail program, enter the recipient, subject, and any text you want to add, then send the e-mail.

File > Send > E-mail as OpenDocument Text has the same effect.

If you choose E-mail as Microsoft Word, OOo first creates a .DOC file and then opens your e-mail program with the .DOC file attached. Similarly, if you choose E-mail as PDF, OOo first creates a PDF using your default PDF settings (as when using the Export Directly as PDF toolbar button) and then opens your email program with the .PDF file attached.

To e-mail a document to several recipients, you can use the features in your e-mail program or you can use OOo’s mail merge facilities to extract email addresses from an address book.

For details, see Chapter 5 (Printing, Faxing, Exporting, and E-mailing) and Chapter 11 (Using Mail Merge) in the Writer Guide.

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