Creating a Fontwork object

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  1. On the Drawing or Fontwork toolbar, click the Fontwork Gallery icon: FontworkGalleryIcon.jpg. If the Drawing toolbar is not visible, go to View > Toolbars > Drawing to display it.
  2. In the Fontwork Gallery dialog (Figure 3), select a Fontwork style, then click OK. The Fontwork object will appear in your document. Notice the blue squares around the edge (indicating that the object is selected) and the yellow dot; these are discussed in Moving and resizing Fontwork objects.
  3. Figure 3: The Fontwork Gallery.
  4. Double-click the object to edit the Fontwork text. Type your own text in place of the black Fontwork text that appears over the object (Figure 4).
  5. Click anywhere in a free space or press Esc to apply your changes.
  6. Figure 4]: Editing Fontwork text.

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