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  1. Click Edit → Changes → Accept or Reject. The Accept or Reject Changes dialog box opens.
  2. When you select a change in the dialog box, the actual change is highlighted in the document, so you can see what the editor changed.
  3. Click  Accept  or  Reject  to accept or reject the selected change. You can also click  Accept All  or  Reject All  if you do not want to review the changes individually.
List tab of the Accept or Reject Changes dialog.

Changes that have not yet been accepted or rejected are displayed in the list. Accepted changes are removed from the list and appear in the text without any marking.

To show only the changes of certain people or only the changes on specific days or various other restrictions, use the Filter page on the Accept or Reject Changes dialog box. After specifying the filter criteria, return to the List page to see those changes that meet your criteria.

Filter tab of the Accept or Reject Changes dialog.
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