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Graphics in the commonly used PNG and JPG file formats are stored in a compressed form and the file sizes are relatively small. If you wish to show one of these in a document it must be stored in an uncompressed form in the computer memory. This can lead to slow viewing times on systems with slower processors or less memory when your document includes many (compressed) graphics. OOo therefore offers the possibility to turn on and off the display of graphics.

The general settings are found under Tools > Options > Draw > View, in the section Alternative Display. While editing a document you can switch the display of graphics on and off using the Picture Placeholders icon PicturePlaceholderIcon.png on the Options toolbar. When the display of graphics is turned off, a thin frame, together with the name of the object (if it exists), is shown in place of the normal view (see Figure 8). In the preview of the page in the Pages pane, the graphic is shown as normal.

Placeholder view of a graphic
Figure 8: Placeholder view of a graphic

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