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The main components of the Draw interface are shown in Figure 1.

The large area in the center of the window is where the drawings are made. It is surrounded by toolbars and information areas. The number and position of the visible tools are variable as a function of the task at hand, or user preferences, so your setup may look a little different. For example, many people put the main Drawing toolbar on the left-hand side of the workspace, not at the bottom as shown here. The setup procedure is described in detail in Chapter 4 (Menus and Toolbars) in the Getting Started guide.

You can split drawings in Draw over several pages. This is used mainly for production of drawings for presentations. The Pages pane, on the left side of the Draw window in Figure 1 gives an overview of the pages you have created. Changes to the page order can be made easily by dragging and dropping a page or pages.

Initial Draw window
Figure 1: Initial Draw window.

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