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First make sure that the Drawing toolbar is selected (View > Toolbars > Drawing). On the Drawing toolbar, locate the Effects icon EffectsIcon.png. Click on the arrow next to that icon. This opens a submenu with all the special effect tools (see below).


1 Rotate 2 Flip 3 In 3D Rotation Object 4 Set in Circle (Perspective) 5 Set to Circle (Slant) 6 Distort 7 Transparency 8 Gradient

The tools are described in the following sections with the exception of the 3D rotation tool, which is described in Chapter 7 of this Guide.

Rotating an object

Click on the RotateIcon.png icon to select the Rotate tool. Then select an object. The selected object will have red handles instead of the usual green handles.

RotateEx1.png Grab one of the handles and move it to rotate the object. The black circle in the middle of the object is the pivot (center of rotation). You can move the pivot with the mouse. RotateEx2.png

Flip an object

Select an object and click on the Flip icon FlipIcon.png. You will see a dashed line through the middle of the object.


This dashed line is the axis of symmetry. The object will be reflected about this line. Move one or both ends of the line with your mouse to set the axis,


Then grab any one of the 8 green handles and move it across to the other side of the dashed line. The new position of the figure is shown dashed until the mouse is released.


Documentation note.png If you press the Shift key while moving the line, the line will rotate in 45 degree increments.

Mirror copies

Officially this useful command does not (yet) exist in Draw. It can however be easily emulated. Move the axis of symmetry to the desired location of the mirror axis. Copy the object to the clipboard. Flip the object, then click on an empty area of the Draw screen in order to de-select the object. Paste from the clipboard to put a copy of the object in its original location and now you have a mirror copy.

Figure 31: Making a mirror copy of an object.

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