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You should see rulers (bars with numbers) on the upper and left-hand sides of the workspace. If they are not visible, you can show them by clicking View > Ruler.

The rulers show the size of a selected object on the page (see the gray double lines highlighted in Figure 2). When no object is selected they show the location of the mouse pointer, which assists with the accurate positioning of drawing objects.

The rulers also are used to manage object handles and guide lines that make positioning objects easier.

The page margins in the drawing area are also represented on the rulers. You can change the margins directly on the rulers by dragging them with the mouse.

Rulers show size of selected object
Figure 2: Rulers show size of selected object.

To modify the units of measurement of the rulers – which are independently definable – right-click on the desired ruler, as illustrated for the horizontal ruler in Figure 3.

Rulers in a drawing
Figure 3: Rulers in a drawing.

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