Print options with raster graphics

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Print options with raster graphics

If you have a black and white printer or are experiencing problems with printing you should have a look at the following settings.

You can set up printing so that all text and all graphics are printed in grayscale or black and white. The general settings are found in Tools > Options > Draw > Print in the section Quality. The same settings may be set for the current document only under Options in the Print dialog (File > Print). With both Black & White printing and Grayscale printing no background is printed.

Other options can be found under Tools > Options > Draw > Print. They relate to page options (scaling) and other printing variables. They will have an effect on the size of the print file and the time taken to print the document. With most modern systems you can simply accept the defaults. As different operating systems and printers have their own requirements, you will need to tailor the settings to your particular site conditions. Refer to the individual sections of the Help file for more information.

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