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Draw documents, in the same way as presentation (Impress) documents, can consist of multiple pages. As in Impress, tools to manage the page area and page backgrounds are available.

Page area

DG8-a.png By default the page area is docked on the left. It shows every page in the document as a small picture. Select a picture from the page area and the corresponding page is loaded in the middle area and with a click on the page activated for editing.

The page area window behaves similarly to the template window. Drag on the gray separator line to change the width of the page area. Click on the middle of this line to show or hide the page area. Double-click with the Control key pressed in the upper gray area to dock or undock the window.

DG8-b.png In the Page area you can drag and drop a picture to change the order of pages in the document; a black horizontal line shows the position where the page will be inserted.
DG8-c.png Using the context menu you can insert or delete pages or duplicate pages with copy and paste.

Pages are automatically named as “Slide 1”, “Slide 2”, etc. This description is relative; if you move sheets around they are automatically renumbered. If you want to have fixed slide (page) names you must name them yourself. Page names are useful for working with the Navigator and when you want to insert single slides using Insert > File into another document.

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