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Like other objects, the properties of a raster graphic can also be modified. You can format the graphic using the Format menu or the context menu. The properties Lines, Areas and Shadows are adjusted using the Picture toolbar. The property Transparency in the Format menu does not relate to the transparency of the raster graphic itself but to the the background area. To set the transparency of the graphic you must use the Picture toolbar.

Graphics can also have a text element. More on text can be found in Chapter 10 (Advanced Draw Techniques).

In a manner analogous to that described for drawing objects in Chapter 3 of this guide, you can change the position and size as well as rotate graphics. Raster graphics can be mirrored (Modify > Mirror), but note that some Metafile formats might have problems with the mirroring of text. Graphics included as a member of a group behave like other drawing objects when the properties of the group are modified.

You should use the opportunity to (re-)name the graphic. Use the entry Name Object (under Windows this option is just Name) from the Modify menu or the context menu. Only named objects are visible in the Navigator and only named objects can be directly imported directly from another file.

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