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With the icon FontworkGalleryIcon.jpg you open the new Fontwork Gallery (Figure 22) which you can use to insert an eye-catching caption to an image. Fontwork drawing objects belong to the “shape” category. The Gallery contains a selection of popular text forms.

Figure 22: The new Fontwork Gallery

You are not limited to only these samples; you can subsequently edit and customize the chosen caption type. Proceed as follows.

Choose a caption type from the Gallery and click on OK. The caption is then inserted into the middle of your document.

Use the green handles to drag and resize the caption.

With a double-click enter text editing mode and replace the placeholder text “Fontwork” with your own text. DG10-22b.png


Click outside the object or press the Esc key to leave the editing mode. DG10-22d.png
With the dialog Area from either the menu Format or the context menu you can set the fill and shadow properties. With the dialog Line you can set a frame around the lettering. DG10-22e.png
For further adjustments you need to use the Fontwork toolbar. If this does not open automatically turn it on with View > Toolbars > Fontwork.

The left symbol is already familiar. It opens the Fontwork Gallery.

With the small triangle on the symbol FontworkShapesIcon.png you can open the tear off toolbar Fontwork Shape and choose the shape of the frame of your caption. DG10-22g.png
Use the yellow handle to modify the form of the caption. DG10-22h.png
With the other icons you can further customize the text direction and spacings. DG10-22i.png
To change the font type of the caption, use (as for other text) the dialog from the Format > Character menu or the context menu. DG10-22j.png

If you want to give the text a 3D appearance, refer to the relevant section in Chapter 7 (Working with 3D Objects).

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