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For drawing flow diagrams (also known as flowcharts), OOo Draw offers a separate toolbar FlowchartIcon.png, which is found on the main Draw toolbar (see Figure 6).

The easiest way to draw a flowchart is to follow the same setup procedure as for organization charts. The necessary symbols are selected from the toolbar and dragged into position as described in Chapter 2. (See Figure 7 for an example of a typical flowchart.)

The Flowchart toolbar.
Figure 6: The Flowchart toolbar.

The individual symbols must be exactly positioned if the connectors which join them are to form a vertical line. The midpoints of all the symbols which lie in a vertical straight line should have the same X coordinate and those which line on the same level should have the same Y coordinate. Select the shapes which are to lie in a vertical straight line with one another and center them with Modify > Alignment > Centered. For those on a horizontal line select the shapes and center them with Modify > Alignment > Center.

After adding text and setting the fill color you can join individual symbols together and add text to the connectors where necessary. This technique is described in the next section.

Example of a flow diagram.
Figure 7: Example of a flow diagram.

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