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The appearance of the shape object is changed using the 3D Settings toolbar. The concept is totally different from that presented above for objects in 3D scenes. The dialog 3D Effects described above should not be used for shape objects and will in fact not give the correct formatting results when used on a shape object.


In case you use it in error, you can remove the incorrect formatting with Format > Default Formatting.

With the appropriate button of the toolbar you can adjust the extrusion depth and perspective, lighting and material properties as well as the extrusion color. There are tear off bars, which you open by clicking on the small black triangle. The purpose of the individual functions are described by the tool tip. As opposed to the 3D Effects dialog used with 3D scenes, you do not need to “assign” the result of any of the functions to the object – every action is immediately applied and you can see its effect on the object in the main Draw window.

Documentation note.png The program sometimes seems to generate the wrong formatting with shape objects. The exact cause is not known, but you can undo the action with Format > Default Formatting. One reason can be that you have used a function from the 3D Effect dialog on a 3D shape. (See also Issue 67732.)

Here are some examples of formatting of 3D shapes:

DG7-Depth1.pngDG7-Depth2.png Depth DG7-DepthIcon.png

left: 0.3cm (user defined)

right: 1cm (selection)

DG7-Direction1.pngDG7-Direction2.pngDG7-Direction3.png Direction DG7-DirectionIcon.png

The examples show “columns” at right angles to the drawing surface.

left: 5 cm depth, Parallel projection

middle: 10 cm depth, Perspective

right: Infinity, Perspective

DG7-Illum1.pngDG7-Illum2.pngDG7-Illum3.png Illumination DG7-IllumIcon.png

The light color cannot be changed, the brightness can be changed only in 3 levels, and some effects may not be totally correctly rendered.

left: from left under, dim

middle: from left under, bright

right: from right under, normal

DG7-Wireframe.pngDG7-Illum2.png Surface DG7-SurfaceIcon.png

Only 4 built-in variations are possible. At present only Wireframe and Matt are correctly rendered.

left: Wireframeright: Matt

You can also choose a gradient, hatching or bitmap for the surface; these are only applied to the extruded surface – the sides remain in the color of the object.

DG7-3Dcolor3.pngDG7-3Dcolor4.png 3D Color DG7-3Dcolor1.png DG7-3Dcolor2.png

Here you can choose the color of the sides of the extruded surface.

The symbol shows the color of the most recently chosen shape object.

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