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Whenever you insert an object into a document, it will automatically have a frame around it. Some designers like to add frame styles to introduce variety. For example, you could have two different frame styles for graphics: one that is centered for small graphics and another that is left-aligned for graphics that take up the entire width of the main frame. In such a case, you need to add at least one frame style.

To apply a style to a frame:

  1. Select the frame.
  2. Bring up the Styles and Formatting window (for example, by pressing F11).
  3. Click the Frame Styles icon (the third one from the left).
  4. Double-click the frame style you want.
Tip.png When a frame is selected, the Frame toolbar replaces the Formatting toolbar. Then, the Apply Style list at the left of the Frame toolbar displays frame styles. You can use this to change the style of a frame.

Most of a frame’s design can be set in a style. However, the following options must be set manually:

  • Anchoring: how the frame is positioned in relation to the rest of the page’s contents (Format > Anchor).
  • Arrangement: the frame’s position in a stack of objects (Format > Arrange).
  • Adding a hyperlink: so that a click on the frame opens a Web page or another document in an HTML file (Insert > Hyperlink).

The right-click menu also has items for anchoring and arrangement, as well as for wrap and alignment.

A frame’s right-click menu has positioning options.

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