Shortcut keys in the Normal View

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Shortcut Keys Effect
Plus(+) key Zoom in.
Minus(-) key Zoom out.
Times(×) key (number pad) Fit page in window.
Divide(÷) key (number pad) Zoom in on current selection.
Shift+Ctrl+G Group selected objects.
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A Ungroup selected group.
Ctrl+click Enter a group, so that you can edit the individual objects of the group. Click outside the group to return to the normal view.
Shift+Ctrl+K Combine selected objects.
Shift+Ctrl+K Split selected object. This combination only works on an object that was created by combining two or more objects.
Ctrl+Plus key Bring to Front.
Shift+Ctrl+Plus key Bring Forward.
Ctrl+Minus key Send Backward.
Shift+Ctrl+Minus key Send to Back.

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