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A new spreadsheet can be opened from any component of OOo, for example from Writer or Draw.

From the menu bar

Click File and then select New > Spreadsheet.

From the toolbar

Use the New Document New-calc-icon.jpg button on the Standard toolbar. (This button is always a page of text from the current component with a black arrow to the right.) Click the drop-down arrow for a choice of what type of document to open (text document, spreadsheet, and so on). Click the button itself to create a new document of the type that is currently open (if a spreadsheet is open, a new spreadsheet document will be created).

From the keyboard

If you already have a spreadsheet open, you can press Control+N to open a new spreadsheet.

From a template

Calc documents can also be created from templates, if you have any spreadsheet templates available. Follow the above procedures, but instead of selecting Spreadsheet from the File menu, select Templates and Documents. On the Templates and Documents dialog, navigate to the appropriate folder and double-click on the required template. A new spreadsheet, based on the selected template, opens.

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