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Setting up the slide show

Impress gives you the tools to organize and display a slide show, including:

  • Which slides to show and in what order
  • Whether to run the show automatically or manually
  • Transitions between slides
  • Animations on individual slides
  • Interactions: what happens when you click a button or link

Chapter 9: Slide Shows: Transitions, Animations and More of the Impress Guide describes these tools.

Most tasks associated with putting together a show from your slides are best done in Slide Sorter view. Choose View > Slide Sorter from the menu bar or click the Slide Sorter tab at the top of the workspace. All of your slides appear in the workspace; you may need to scroll to see them all.

Custom animations are found on the Tasks pane. This is an advanced technique and is explained in Chapter 9: Slide Shows: Transitions, Animations and More in the Impress Guide.

Your first slide show should probably have the same slide transition for all slides. Setting Advance slide to On mouse click is the default and a simple setting. If you want each slide to be shown for a specific amount of time, click Automatically after and enter the number of seconds. Click Apply to all slides.

Slide transition choices are also found on the Tasks pane. For more information about slide transitions, see Chapter 9: Slide Shows: Transitions, Animations and More in the Impress Guide.

Tip.png The Slide transition section has a very useful choice: Automatic preview. Select its checkbox. Then when you make any changes in a slide transition, the new slide is previewed in the Slide Design area, including its transition effect.

Running the slide show

To run the slide show, do one of the following:

  • Click Slide Show > Slide Show.
  • Click the Slide Show button on the Presentation toolbar.
Presentation Toolbar
  • Press F5 or F9.

If the slide transition is Automatic after x seconds, let the slide show run by itself.

If the slide transition is On mouse click, do one of the following to move from one slide to the next:

  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to go to the next slide or to go back to the previous one.
  • Click the mouse to move to the next slide.
  • Press the spacebar on the keyboard to advance to the next slide.

Right-click anywhere on the screen to open a context menu from which you can navigate to the next or previous slide, set screen settings or end the slide show.

You can also exit the slide show at any time including at the end, by pressing the Esc key.

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