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On the Summary sheet we display the balance from each of the other sheets. If you copy the example above onto each account, the current balances will be in cell F3 of each sheet.

There are two ways to reference cells in other sheets: by entering the formula directly using the keyboard or by using the mouse. We will look at the mouse method first.

Creating the reference with the mouse

On the Summary sheet, set up a place for all five account balances, so we know where to put the cell reference. The figure below shows a summary sheet with a blank Balance column. We want to place the reference for the checking account balance in cell B3.

Blank summary

To make the cell reference in cell B3, select the cell and follow these steps.

  1. Click on the = icon next to the input line. The icons change and an equals sign appears in the input line as shown below.
  2. Equal sign in input line
  3. Now, click on the sheet tab for the sheet containing the cell to be referenced. In this case, that is the Checking Account sheet as shown below.
  4. Click on the checking account tab
  5. Click on cell F3 (where the balance is) in the Checking Account sheet. The phrase ‘Checking Account’.F3 should appear in the input line as shown below.
  6. Cell reference selected
  7. Click the green checkmark in the input line to finish.
  8. The Summary sheet should now look like the figure below.
  9. Finished checking account reference

Creating the reference with the keyboard

From the figure above, you can deduce how the cell reference is constructed. The reference has two parts: the sheet name (’Checking Account’) and the cell reference (F3). Notice that they are separated by a period.

Documentation note.png The sheet name is in single quotes because it contains a space, and the mandatory period (.) always falls outside any quotes.

So, you can fill in the Savings Account cell reference by just typing it in. Assuming that the balance is in the same cell in the Savings Account sheet, F3, the cell reference should be =’Savings Account’.F3.

Savings account reference
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