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You may want to add some new styles. You can do this in two ways:

  • Creating a new style using the Style dialog
  • Creating a new style from a selection
Documentation note.png New styles apply only to this document; they are not saved in the template. To save new styles in a template, see Copying and moving styles and Creating a template.

Creating a new style using the Style dialog

To create a new style using the Style dialog, right-click in the Styles and Formatting window and select New from the pop-up menu.

(Cell styles only) If you want your new style to be linked with an existing style, first select that style and then right-click and select New.

If you link styles, then when you change the base style (for example, by changing the font from Times to Helvetica), all the linked styles will change as well. Sometimes this is exactly what you want; other times you do not want the changes to apply to all the linked styles. It pays to plan ahead.

The dialogs and choices are the same for defining new styles and for modifying existing styles.

Creating a new style from a selection

You can create a new cell style by copying an existing manual format.

  1. Open the Styles and Formatting window and choose the type of style you want to create.
  2. In the document, select the formatted cell that you want to save as a style.
  3. In the Styles and Formatting window, click on the New Style from Selection icon NewStyleSel.png.
  4. In the Create Style dialog, type a name for the new style. The list shows the names of existing custom styles of the selected type. Click OK to save the new style.
Naming a new style created from a selection.

Creating a new style by dragging and dropping

Select a cell and drag it to the Styles and Formatting window.

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