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Returns a number rounded down to a multiple of another number.


FLOOR(number; significance; mode)

number is the number that is to be rounded down to a multiple of significance.
If mode is zero or omitted, FLOOR rounds down to the multiple below (more negative than or equal to) number. If mode is non-zero, FLOOR rounds down towards zero. This difference is only relevant with negative numbers.
Use mode=1 for compatibility if you have negative numbers and wish to export to MS Excel. In MS Excel this function only takes two arguments.


FLOOR(8; 3)

returns 6, because 2*3 = 6 is the first multiple of 3 below 8.

FLOOR(6; 3)

returns 6.

FLOOR( -11; -2)

returns -12, rounding to the multiple below.

FLOOR( -11; -2; 0)

returns -12.

FLOOR( -11; -2; 1)

returns -10, because with mode=1 the function rounds towards zero.

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