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Returns the effective compounded interest rate given a nominal interest rate.


EFFECT_ADD(nom_rate; num)

nom_rate: the nominal interest rate.
num: the number of times interest is credited / compounded during the period that nom_rate applies to.
If an investment has a nominal rate, say for a year, but interest is paid and credited say each quarter, the interest paid each quarter will itself start earning interest. This increases the effective value. This function returns the effective rate - that is, the rate that would have to be paid at the end of the (say) year to give the same return.
The formula used is:
effective_rate = (1 + nom_rate/num)num - 1


EFFECT_ADD(0.06; 4)

returns approximately 0.0614, which is the effective rate of an investment with a nominal rate of 6% per annum, compounded quarterly.


  • According to the draft ODFF standard, this function will be replaced with a new EFFECT function.
  • The calculation assumes that interest is credited at the end of exactly equal periods. In reality, different quarter-years, for example, have different numbers of days.

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