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Converts a number from one measurement system to another.

This function is only available if the Analysis AddIn is installed.


CONVERT_ADD(number; originalunits; newunits)

number is the number to be converted.
originalunits and newunits are text representing the original and new measurement systems. These are case-sensitive, and must be selected from the table below. Units in bold accept an optional prefix as a decimal multiplier from the table below that.
property units
Weight g, sg, lbm, u, ozm, stone, ton, grain, pweight, hweight, shweight, brton
length m, mi, Nmi, in, ft, yd, ang, Pica, ell, parsec, lightyear, survey_mi
time yr, day, hr, mn, sec, s
pressure Pa, atm, at, mmHg, Torr, psi
force N, dyn, dy, lbf, pond
energy J, e, c, cal, eV, ev, HPh, Wh, wh, flb, BTU, btu
power W, w, HP, PS
field strength T, ga
temperature C, F, K, kel, Reau, Rank
volume l, L, lt, tsp, tbs, oz, cup, pt, us_pt, qt, gal, m3, mi3, Nmi3, in3, ft3, yd3, ang3, Pica3,

barrel, bushel, regton, Schooner, Middy, Glass

area m2, mi2, Nmi2, in2, ft2, yd2, ang2, Pica2, Morgen, ar, acre, ha
speed m/s, m/sec, m/h, mph, kn, admkn
information bit, byte
The above units may be preceded by a decimal multiplier. For example k (kilo) is the prefix for 103 - so km means kilometers. If the unit is a measure of area the multiplier is squared, and if it is a measure of volume the multiplier is cubed. For example km2 means square kilometers, that is 106 square meters. The following table lists the prefixes:
prefix < 1 y (10-24), z (10-21), a (10-18), f (10-15), p (10-12), n (10-9), u (10-6), m (10-3), c (10-2), d (10-1)
prefix > 1 e (101), h (102), k (103), M 106), G (109), T (1012), P (1015), E (1018), Z (1021), Y (1024)



returns 10, the number of feet in 120 inches.


returns 914.4, that is 10 yards expressed in centimeters.


  • For historical reasons, many of the units do not use international standard abbreviations.
  • This function is not generally compatible with other spreadsheets.

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