How do I insert a Table of Contents into my document?

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How do I insert a Table of Contents into my document?

Documentation note.png This applies to OOo 1.x only

Before inserting a Table of Contents, the Stylist must be used to identify headings.

To mark headings:

  • Highlight the paragraph heading.
  • Choose Format -> Stylist from the pull-down menu.
  • Double-click on your choice of Heading Level from the dialog box.
  • Mark all headings in your document as described above.

To insert the Table of Contents:

  • Place your text cursor at the location where you would like a Table of Contents
  • From the pulldown menus, select: Insert -> Indexes -> Indexes...
  • In the dialog that appears, make sure you are on the "Index" tab, then select the index "Type:" to be "Table of Contents"
  • You may want to adjust other settings in this dialog to create the type of TOC desired. For example, if you want a table of captions, you would click on the box next to "Additional Styles" and select your caption style.
  • Click on "OK"

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