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How do I resolve a timeout error which occurs when I start up OpenOffice? (OOo 2.3)

When OpenOffice.org 2.3 starts up on Mac OS X 10.5, there may be a pause of some 30 seconds, followed by a dialog which reads, "Command timed out [OK]".

This dialog is related to OpenOffice.org starting up the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It does this once, the first time it starts after the computer starts. If you stop and restart OOo without restarting your computer, the timeout error should not occur.

To resolve this, try these two workarounds.

  1. Start X11 first, then start OpenOffice.org. In the Finder, select the Applications folder... Utilities... X11.app. Double-click X11.app. X11 starts. then start OpenOffice as normal.
  2. Tell OpenOffice.org not to start Java when it starts up. In OOo, select Tools menu... Options... OpenOffice.org... Java.... The Java options pane appears. Find the checkbox "Use Java runtime environment", and un-check it.

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