How do I pause a slide show and how can I queue a slide?

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I just returned from a Corporate training session where I used PowerPoint for the presentation. I was able to "pause" the slide show without going to black or white. This allowed the presenter and audience to discuss the slide. I was also able to queue a slide and have it wait for my input before starting.

These two functions are of immense importance in presenting to corporate clients. Is there any way to perform these functions using Impress?

Unfortunately there is no option to "pause" a slide show in Impress like there is in MS Powerpoint. However, you may consider using the On-mouse click function, which can be found in the Tasks Pane > Slide Transition tab under Advance Slide, or alternatively,Slide Show>Slide Transition . This would give the user more control over the transition of the slides and allow time for discussion during presentations.

Clairedwood 14:15, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

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