Add-Ons, Add-Ins, and Plugins

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What is the difference between Add-Ons, Add-Ins, and Plugins with respect to

  • Add-Ons are components that integrate into the OOo graphical user interface (GUI).
Most Add-Ons can be downloaded as extensions from the Extensions web site.
From within OOo, choose Tools > Extension Manager to install new extensions.
  • Add-Ins are components that provide Calc formulas.
The Calc application help has some information about add-ins.
  • Plugins are what you know from your browser.
Plugins can add functionality to play sounds or videos of specific formats, among others.
OOo can utilize many browser plugins that are installed on your system automatically.
Current browsers use the term Add-On or Extension for UI related plugins.
  • Plug-in stands for DDE or OLE objects that are inserted in a document.
The menu command Edit > Plug-in toggles the display of such objects.
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