How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?

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How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?

Some languages, like French, Italian, German, or Portuguese, use a comma as decimal separator. The appearance of numbers in Calc depends on the language settings. If you want to use the dot or decimal point as separator you need to switch the language for the corresponding cells to English:

  1. Select the corresponding cells (press CTRL+A to select all cells of a sheet)
  2. Select Format - Cells from the menu
  3. Select the Numbers tab and select one of the English variants from the Language list.

You can also (and probably better) achieve this by changing the properties of cell style default. That will automatically change that property for all other styles (unless changed explicitly in a another style).


  • If you use a dot in a language that uses a comma as decimal separator, Calc will not recognize the input as number.
  • The decimal sign used will change with the language. If you switch back to a language that uses the comma as separator, the displayed decimal separator will change accordingly.

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