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Before we can go about defining our first interface, you need to know the simple types you may use in your interface definition. You should already be familiar with the simple UNO types from the chapters First Steps and Professional UNO. Since we have to use them in idl definition files, we repeat the type keywords and their meaning here.

simple UNO type Type description
char 16-bit unicode character type
boolean boolean type; true and false
byte 8-bit ordinal integer type
short signed 16-bit ordinal integer type
unsigned short unsigned 16-bit ordinal integer type (deprecated)
long signed 32-bit ordinal integer type
unsigned long unsigned 32-bit integer type (deprecated)
hyper signed 64-bit ordinal integer type
unsigned hyper unsigned 64-bit ordinal integer type (deprecated)
float processor dependent float
double processor dependent double
string string of 16-bit unicode characters
any universal type, takes every simple or compound UNO type, similar to Variant in other environments or Object in Java
void Indicates that a method does not provide a return value
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