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Apache OpenOffice Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK provides a build environment for your projects, separate from the Apache OpenOffice build environment. It contains the necessary tools for UNO development, C and C++ libraries, JARs , UNO type definitions and example code. But most of the necessary libraries and files are shared with an existing Apache OpenOffice installation which is a prerequisite for a SDK.

The SDK development tools (executables) contained in the SDK are used in the following chapter. Become familiar with the following table that lists the executables from the SDK. These executables are found in the platform specific bin folder of the SDK installation. In Windows, they are in the folder <SDK>\bin, on Linux they are stored in <SDK>/linux/bin and on Solaris in <SDK>/solaris/bin.

Executable Description
idlc The UNOIDL compiler that creates binary type description files with the extension .urd for registry database files.
idlcpp The idlc preprocessor used by idlc.
cppumaker The C++ UNO maker that generates headers with UNO types mapped from binary type descriptions to C++ from binary type descriptions.
javamaker Java maker that generates interface and class definitions for UNO types mapped from binary type descriptions to Java from binary type descriptions.
xml2cmp XML to Component that can extract type names from XML object descriptions for use with cppumaker and javamaker, creates functions.
regmerge The registry merge that merges binary type descriptions into registry files.
regcomp The register component that tells a registry database file that there is a new component and where it can be found.
unopkg The command line tool of the extension manager.
regview The registry view that outputs the content of a registry database file in readable format.
autodoc The automatic documentation tool that evaluates Javadoc style comments in idl files and generates documentation from them.
rdbmaker The registry database maker that creates registry files with selected types and their dependencies.
uno The UNO executable. It is a standalone UNO environment which is able to run UNO components supporting the interface, one possible use is: $ uno -s ServiceName -r MyRegistry.rdb -- MyMainClass arg1

GNU Make

The makefiles in the SDK assume that the GNU make is used. Documentation for GNU make command line options and syntax are available at In Windows, not every GNU make seems stable, notably some versions of Cygwin make were reported to have problems with the SDK makefiles. Other GNU make binaries, such as the one from work well even on the Windows command line. The package UnxUtils comes with a zsh shell and numerous utilities, such as find, sed. To install UnxUtils, download and unpack the archive (if the links on are still broken, try with, and add <UnxUtils>\usr\local\wbin to the PATH environment variable. Now launch sh.exe from <UnxUtils>\bin and issue the command make from within zsh or use the Windows command line to run make. For further information about zsh, go to

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