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This step creates a registry file that contains the location of the component file and all the necessary type information. To register, place a few files to the proper locations:

  • Copy the regcomp tool from the SDK distribution to <OfficePath>/program.
  • Copy the component jar to <OfficePath>/program/classes.
  • Copy the .rdb file containing the new types created to <OfficePath>/program. If new types were not defined, dismiss this step. In this case, regcomp automatically creates a new rdb file with registration information.

On the command prompt, change to <OfficePath>/program, then run regcomp with the following options. Line breaks were applied to improve readability, but the command must be entered in a single line:

 $ regcomp -register -r <your_registry>.rdb  -br services.rdb 
                     -br types.rdb
                     -c file:///<OfficePath>/program/classes/<your_component>.jar 

For the org.openoffice.test.ImageShrink service whose type description was merged into thumbs.rdb, which is implemented in thumbs.jar, the corresponding command would be:

 $ regcomp -register -r thumbs.rdb 
                     -br services.rdb 
                     -br types.rdb
                     -c file:///i:/StarOffice6.0/program/classes/thumbs.jar 

Instead of regcomp, there is also a Java tool to register components, however, it can only write to the same registry it reads from. It cannot be used to create a separate registry database. For details, see the section Deployment Options for Components.

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