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After finishing the implementation of the UNO component and the definition of the user interface part you can create an extension. An extension can be used by an end-user to install the add-on into Apache OpenOffice.

The configuration files that were created for the add-on, such as protocol handler, jobs, and user interface definition must be added to the root of the zip file. The structure of a zip file supporting Windows should resemble the following code:


Before you install the extension, make absolutely sure there are no running instances of Apache OpenOffice. The unopkgtool recognizes a running Apache OpenOffice in a local installation, but not in a networked installation. Installing into a running office installation might cause inconsistencies and destroy your installation!

The extension installation for the example add-on is as simple as changing to the <OfficePath>/program directory with a command-line shell and running

 [<OfficePath>/program] $ unopkg add /foo/bar/

For an explanation of other deployment options, please refer to Deployment Options for Components and for an explanation about extensions refer to Extensions.

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