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  • Accessing Dialogs

This chapter describes how UNO Components can interact with dialogs that have been created with the Dialog Editor integrated in the Basic IDE. Before 2.0.4 dialogs designed with this Dialog Editor could only be reasonably used in the context of Basic respectively in the scope of the Scripting Framework (see Scripting Framework ). The reason for this restriction was the fact that only scripts managed by the Scripting Framework could be assigned as action to control events. It was already possible to instantiate dialogs using the API, but there was no other way to get call backs from the events as to directly add listeners using the corresponding AWT control interfaces. This is a very inconvenient way to use dialogs created with the Dialog Editor.

From 2.0.4 also component methods can be bound to control events. The following chapters describe both how the binding to component methods is done in Dialog Editor and how the component has to be designed to use this mechanism.

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