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Before registering a content provider, the following information that is provided by the implementer of the UCP is required. The Appendix Universal Content Providers provides these for the currently available UCPs.

  • The UNO service name to instantiate the UCP, for example, "com.sun.star.ucb.FileContentProvider". Each UCP must be implemented and registered as a UNO component. Refer to chapter Writing UNO Components for more information on writing and registering UNO components.
  • An URL template used by the UCB to select the registered UCPs that best fit an incoming URL. See com.sun.star.ucb.XContentIdentifier. This can be the name of an URL scheme, for example, the file that selects the given UCP for all file URLs, or a limited regular expression, such as "http://"[^/?#]*".com"([/?#].*)? That will select the given UCP for all http URLs in the com domain. See the documentation of registerContentProvider() for details about these regular expressions.
  • Additional arguments that may be needed by the UCP.
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