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The current implementation of the Universal Content Broker in a Apache OpenOffice installation supplies UCPs for the following data sources:

Data source Description URL Schema Service name
FILE Provides access to the file system "file"
WebDAV and HTTP Provides access to web-based file systems and includes HTTP "" or "http"
FTP Provides access to file transfer protocol servers "ftp"
Hierarchy Virtual hierarchy of folders and links ""
ZIP and JAR files Packaged files ""
Help files help system ""
Extension package content provides access to the content of an installed extension, specified by the extension's identifier. ""

Appendix C Universal Content Providers describes all the above content providers in more detail. The reference documentation for the commands and other features of these UCPs are located in the SDK or the ucb project on Additionally, the ucb project offers information about other UCPs for Apache OpenOffice, for example, a UCP for document management systems.

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