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Base Frames vs. Drawing Shapes

Shape objects are text contents that act independently of the ordinary text flow. The surrounding text may wrap around them. Shape objects can lie in front or behind text, and be anchored to paragraphs or characters in the text. Anchoring allows the shape objects to follow the paragraphs and characters while the user is writing. Currently, there are two different kinds of shape objects in Apache OpenOffice, base frames and drawing shapes.

Base Frames

The first group are shape objects that are The three services, and are all based on the service The TextFrames contain an independent text area that can be positioned freely over ordinary text. The TextGraphicObjects are bitmaps or vector oriented images in a format supported by Apache OpenOffice internally. The TextEmbeddedObjects are areas containing a document type other than the document they are embedded in, such as charts, formulas, internal Apache OpenOffice documents (Calc/Draw/Impress), or OLE objects.

The TextFrames, TextGraphicObjects and TextEmbeddedObjects in a text are supplied by their corresponding supplier interfaces at the document model:

These interfaces all have one single get method that supplies the respective Shape objects collection:

 com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess getTextFrames()
 com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess getTextEmbeddedObjects()
 com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess getTextGraphicObjects()

The method getTextFrames() returns a collection, getTextEmbeddedObjects() returns a collection and getTextGraphicObjects() yields a collection. All of these collections support and The TextFrames collection may (optional) support the interface to broadcast an event when an Element is added to the collection. However, the current implementation of the TextFrames collection does not support this.

The service defines the common properties and interfaces of text frames, graphic objects and embedded objects. It includes the services and, and defines the following interfaces.

The position and size of a BaseFrame is covered by All BaseFrame objects share a majority of the core implementation of drawing objects. Therefore, they have a position and size on the DrawPage.

The name of a BaseFrame is set and read through The names of the frame objects have to be unique for text frames, graphic objects and embedded objects, respectively.

The has to be present, because many aspects of BaseFrames are controlled through properties.

The interface is not a part of the BaseFrame service, but is available in text frames, graphic objects and embedded objects. This interface provides access to the event macros that may be attached to the object in the GUI.

The properties of BaseFrames are those of the service, as well there is a number of frame properties defined in the service

Properties of
AnchorPageNo short - Contains the number of the page where the objects are anchored.
AnchorFrame Contains the text frame the current frame is anchored to.
BackColor long - Contains the color of the background of the object.
BackGraphicURL string - Contains the URL for the background graphic.
BackGraphicFilter string - Contains the name of the file filter for the background graphic.
BackGraphicLocation Determines the position of the background graphic according to
LeftBorder struct Contains the left border of the object.
RightBorder struct Contains the right border of the object.
TopBorder struct Contains the top border of the object.
BottomBorder struct Contains the bottom border of the object.
BorderDistance long - Contains the distance from the border to the object.
LeftBorderDistance long - Contains the distance from the left border to the object.
RightBorderDistance long - Contains the distance from the right border to the object.
TopBorderDistance long - Contains the distance from the top border to the object.
BottomBorderDistance long - Contains the distance from the bottom border to the object.
BackTransparent boolean - If true, the property BackColor is ignored.
ContentProtected boolean - Determines if the content is protected.
LeftMargin long - Contains the left margin of the object.
RightMargin long - Contains the right margin of the object.
TopMargin long - Contains the top margin of the object.
BottomMargin long - Contains the bottom margin of the object.
Height long - Contains the height of the object (1/100 mm).
Width long - Contains the width of the object (1/100 mm).
RelativeHeight short - Contains the relative height of the object.
RelativeWidth short - Contains the relative width of the object.
IsSyncWidthToHeight boolean - Determines if the width follows the height.
IsSyncHeightToWidth boolean - Determines if the height follows the width.
HoriOrient short - Determines the horizontal orientation of the object according to
HoriOrientPosition long - Contains the horizontal position of the object (1/100 mm).
HoriOrientRelation short - Determines the environment of the object the orientation is related according to
VertOrient short - Determines the vertical orientation of the object according to
VertOrientPosition long - Contains the vertical position of the object (1/100 mm). Valid only if TextEmbeddedObject::VertOrient is VertOrientation::NONE.
VertOrientRelation short - Determines the environment of the object the orientation is related according to
HyperLinkURL string - Contains the URL of a hyperlink that is set at the object.
HyperLinkTarget string - Contains the name of the target for a hyperlink that is set at the object.
HyperLinkName string - Contains the name of the hyperlink that is set at the object.
Opaque boolean - Determines if the object is opaque or transparent for text.
PageToggle boolean - Determines if the object is mirrored on even pages.
PositionProtected boolean - Determines if the position is protected.
Print boolean - Determines if the object is included in printing.
ShadowFormat struct Contains the type of the shadow of the object.
ServerMap boolean - Determines if the object gets an image map from a server.
Size struct Contains the size of the object.
SizeProtected boolean - Determines if the size is protected.
Surround [deprecated]. Determines the type of the surrounding text.
SurroundAnchorOnly boolean - Determines if the text of the paragraph where the object is anchored, wraps around the object.

Drawing Shapes

The second group of shape objects are the varied drawing shapes that can be inserted into text, such as rectangles and ellipses. They are based on The service text.Shape includes Shape, but adds a number of properties related to shapes in text (cf. Drawing Shapes below). In addition, drawing shapes support the interface so that they can be inserted into an XText.

There are no specialized supplier interfaces for drawing shapes. All the drawing shapes on the DrawPage object are supplied by the document model's and its single method:

 com::sun::star::drawing::XDrawPage getDrawPage()
Tip.png The DrawPage not only contains drawing shapes, but the BaseFrame shape objects too, if the document contains any.

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