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A page layout in Apache OpenOffice is always a page style. A page can not be hard formatted. To change the current page layout, retrieve the current page style from the text cursor property PageStyleName and get this page style from the StyleFamily PageStyles.

Changes of the page layout happen through the properties described in Refer to the API reference for details on all the possible properties, including the header and footer texts which are part of these properties.

As headers or footers are connected to a page style, the text objects are provided as properties of the style. Depending on the setting of the page layout, there is one header and footer text object per style available or there are two, a left and right header, and footer text:

containing Headers and Footers


The page layout of a page style can be equal on left and right pages, mirrored, or separate for right and left pages. This is controlled by the property PageStyleLayout that expects values from the enum As long as left and right pages are equal, HeaderText and HeaderRightText are identical. The same applies to the footers.

The text objects in headers and footers are only available if headers or footers are switched on, using the properties HeaderIsOn and FooterIsOn.

Drawing objects cannot be inserted into headers or footers.

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