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Each sheet in a spreadsheet document can be linked to a sheet from a different document. The spreadsheet document has a collection of all the sheet links to different source documents.


The interface is relevant if the current sheet is used as buffer for an external sheet link. The interfaces provides access to the data of the link. A link is established using the interface's link() method. The method's parameters are:

  • The source document's URL. When a sheet link is inserted or updated, the source document is loaded from its URL. Unsaved changes in a source document that is open in memory are not included. All URL types that can be used to load files can also be used in links, including HTTP to link to data from a web server.
  • The name of the sheet in the source document from the contents are copied from. If this string is empty, the source document's first sheet is used, regardless of its name.
  • The filter name and options that are used to load the source document. Refer to the Handling Documents chapter. All spreadsheet file filters can be used, so it is possible, for example, to link to a CSV text file.
  • A enum value that controls how the contents are copied:
    • If the mode is NORMAL, all cells from the source sheet are copied, including formulas.
    • If the mode is VALUE, formulas are replaced by their results in the copy.

The link mode, source URL and source sheet name can also be queried and changed using the getLinkMode(), setLinkMode(), getLinkUrl(), setLinkUrl(), getLinkSheetName() and setLinkSheetName() methods. Setting the mode to NONE removes the link.

The collection contains an entry for every source document that is used in sheet links. If several sheets are linked to different sheets from the same source document, there is only one entry for them. The name that is used for the interface is the source document's URL.

The service changes a link's source URL, filter or filter options through the interface. The interface is used to update the link. This affects all sheets that are linked to any sheet from the link's source document.

Documentation note.png External references in cell formulas are implemented using hidden linked sheets that show as sheet link objects.
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