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The cell interface provides methods to access the value, formula, content type, and error code of a single cell:

  void setValue( [in] double nValue)
  double getValue() 
  void setFormula( [in] string aFormula)
  string getFormula() 
  com::sun::star::table::CellContentType getType()
  long getError()

The value of a cell is a floating-point number. To set a formula to a cell, the whole formula string has to be passed including the leading equality sign. The function names must be in English.

Tip.png It is possible to set simple strings or even values with special number formats. In this case, the formula string consists only of a string constant or of the number as it would be entered in the table (for instance date, time, or currency values).

The method getType() returns a value of the enumeration indicating the type of the cell content.

The following code fragment shows how to access and modify the content, and formatting of single cells. The xRange is an existing cell range (a interface, described in Cell Ranges). The method getCellByPosition() is provided by this interface. xPropSet = null; xCell = null;
  // *** Access and modify a VALUE CELL ***
  xCell = xRange.getCellByPosition(0, 0);
  // Set cell value.
  // Get cell value.
  double nDblValue = xCell.getValue() * 2;
  xRange.getCellByPosition(0, 1).setValue(nDblValue);
  // *** Create a FORMULA CELL and query error type ***
  xCell = xRange.getCellByPosition(0, 2);
  // Set formula string.
  // Get error type.
  boolean bValid = (xCell.getError() == 0);
  // Get formula string.
  String aText = "The formula " + xCell.getFormula() + " is ";
  aText += bValid ? "valid." : "erroneous.";
  // *** Insert a TEXT CELL using the XText interface ***
  xCell = xRange.getCellByPosition( 0, 3 ); xCellText = (
      UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, xCell ); xTextCursor = xCellText.createTextCursor();
  xCellText.insertString( xTextCursor, aText, false );
  // *** Change cell properties ***
  int nValue = bValid ? 0x00FF00 : 0xFF4040;
  xPropSet = ( UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, xCell);
  xPropSet.setPropertyValue("CellBackColor", new Integer(nValue));

Note that since the only data attributes a cell has for representing numbers is value and formula, other types available in Apache OpenOffice Calc have to be translated before you can use them. See for the standard formats.

NumberFormat Mapping to double
DATE 1 = one day; day 1 is 1899-12-31
TIME Fraction of a 24h day (1 = 24 hours)
PERCENT 1 = 100%
CURRENCY 1 = $1, £1 etc
LOGICAL FALSE if zero, TRUE otherwise

How this value will be shown to the user depends on the cell's Number Format.

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