Writing a LanguageScriptProvider UNO Component Using the Java Helper Classes

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The Scripting Framework provides a set of Java Helper classes which make it easier to add support for scripting languages for which a Java interpreter exists. This set of classes will handle all of the UNO plumbing required to implement a LanguageScriptProvider, leaving the developer to focus on writing the code to execute their scripting language macros. The steps to add a new LanguageScriptProvider using Java are:

  1. Create a new ScriptProviderForYourLanguage by inheriting from the abstract ScriptProvider Java base class
  2. Implement the com.sun.star.script.provider.XScript UNO interface with code to run your scripting language interpreter from Java
  3. Optionally, add support for editing your scripting language macros by implementing the ScriptEditor Java interface
  4. Build and register your ScriptProvider
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