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To provide support for a new scripting language a new LanguageScriptProvider for that language needs to be created. The new LanguageScriptProvider, an UNO component, must be written in a language from which there is an existing UNO bridge. Details about UNO bridges can be found at UNO C++ Bridges.

The LanguageScriptProvider is an UNO component that provides the environment to execute a macro for a specific language. For example when Apache OpenOffice encounters a Scripting Framework URI (see Scripting Framework URI Specification) the ScriptingFramework finds the appropriate LanguageScriptProvider to execute the script. A LanguageScriptProvider has the following responsibilities:

  • It must support the com.sun.star.script.provider.LanguageScriptProvider service.
  • It is responsible for creating the environment necessary to run a script.
  • It is responsible for implementing the com.sun.star.script.browse.BrowseNode service to allow macros to be organized and browsed.
  • Given a script URI it is responsible for returning a command like object that implements the com.sun.star.script.provider.XScript interface that can execute the macro indicated by the URI.
  • The name of the any LanguageScriptProvider service must be of the form "com.sun.star.script.provider.ScriptProviderFor[Language]", where Language is the language name as it appears in a script URI.
Documentation note.png The name of the LanguageScriptProvider MUST be as above otherwise it will not operate correctly.
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