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A LanguageScriptProvider is responsible for knowing about how its own macros are stored: where, what format and what kind of directory structure is used. The Scripting Framework attempts to standardize how to store and discover macros by defining:

  • A default directory structure.
Macros can only be stored under a directory with the language name ( as it appears in the script URI ) in lowercase under a directory called Scripts, which is located in either the user or share directories of an Apache OpenOffice installation or a Apache OpenOffice document.
Example for a LanguageScriptProvider for the “JavaScript” macro library. It is located in <OfficePath>/share/Scripts/JavaScript/Highlight
  • A generic mechanism for enabling discovery of macros in macro libraries and associating meta-data with scripts located in these libraries. See parcel-descriptor.xml in Compiling and Deploying Java Macros. Example the parcel-descriptor for the JavaScript Highlight macro library is located in <OfficePath>/share/Scripts/JavaScript/Highlight/parcel-descriptor.xml
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