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To run a macro use the menu item Tools > Macros > Run Macro… This opens the Macro Selector dialog:

Macro Selector dialog

The Library list box contains a tree representation of all macro libraries. At the top level, there are three entries:

  • My Macros (macros belonging to the current user)
  • OpenOffice Macros (macros available to all users of the installation)
  • DocumentName Macros (macros contained in the currently active document)

Each of these entries can be expanded to show any macro libraries they contain. When a library has been selected, the macros contained in that library are displayed in the Macro name list box. When a macro is selected its description, if one exists, is displayed at the bottom of the dialog. Selecting a macro and clicking Run will close the dialog and run the macro. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without running a macro.

Macros can also be run directly from the Macro Organizer Editing, Creating and Managing Macros and from some macro editors.

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