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In order to compile these classes you need to include the UNO and Scripting Framework jar files in your classpath. You can find these in the program/classes directory of your Apache OpenOffice installation. The jar files that you need to include are: ridl.jar, unoil.jar, jurt.jar and ScriptFramework.jar.

To compile ScriptProviderForYourLanuage:

  1. Compile the, and files
  2. Create a jar file for ScriptProviderForYourLanguage with the following in the manifest file. (Use the -m switch to the jar command to add the manifest data)
 Built-By: Yours Truly
 RegistrationClassName: ScriptProviderForYourLanguage
  1. Register the ScriptProviderForYourLanguage jar file using the Extension Manager.

Now you should see an entry for YourLanguage in the Tools - Macros - Organize Macros… menu.

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